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How to exert Hydroquinone

Before using Hydroquinone, do read the instruction properly; follow the prescription strictly. Do not use your brain in any manner. Apply the ointment as it has been directed. Do wash the concern area and apply the cream after 5 minutes. Do not use the ointment more than it’s prescribed. You need to exert it in small amount initially and check after 24 hours, whether you are suitable with the cream or not. If, you experienced any itching, redness, swollen or blistering, stop using it there and then. If, you get a mild irritation, you can begin with the use of this cream. Generally, one need to practice it twice a day or as it has been directed. A proper use results well in response, an improper use may turn the complication more severe.

Prevention therapy 

Do not apply the cream excessively; Hydroquinone is only prescribed to use for the skin must not practice for anything or anywhere else. It is for external use. Do not expose to the sunlight immediate after applying; hide your face while going out. Using this cream may turn you get sensitive to the sunrays. If, you are allergic to this ointment avoid using it. If, in case you are using any other cream maintain some hour’s gap between the appliances. Do not merge and apply both creams together. Make sure that you wash your hand properly after appliance. Keep it away from eye contact. 


Itching, redness, burning, spots, marks, etc. can be seen, if the cream used over.


Kindly place the cream in moderate or calm temperature.

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