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Dosage guidance 

You need to practice it in a moderate amount or as it has been suggested. Wash and clean the area properly before applying. Read the instruction properly, Clindamycin is for the external use and been prescribed to treat skin disorders. One can also use it to calm vaginal issue. Be hygienic during the process; wash the particular area before applying it. Take a tip of cream and apply it over the affected skin. The direction of using this cream varies as per the condition. One needs to use it twice a day or more frequently in severe condition. Practice this online Clindamycin every day at the same time. 

Safety measures 

Prevent it from eye contact wash your hand well after appliance. Do not get directly expose to the sunlight, use sunscreen to prevent your skin from getting harm. An over use of the cream may lead to cause side-effects. Do not use two different creams at a time, keep some hour’s gap. Most of the cream seems unsuitable for many skins; hence, if you are allergic to clindamycin avoid using it. 

Side-effects of Clindamycin

Itching, burning, spots, marks, pimples, etc. can be seen if used excessively. 


Keep the cream in cool temperature. 

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