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Know About Food Aversion And Cravings During Pregnancy

Midnight Cravings Might Occur Sometimes, But During Pregnancy All-Time Craving Is Common. Have You Ever Sent Your Partner Out At 2 A.M To Get An Ice-Cream? Food Cravings Are Common During Pregnancy And This Is Likely To Happen In Every Woman. This Does Occur During The First Two Months Of The Pregnancy. Women During The Initial Stage Or The First 7 Weeks, Mostly Either Become Sensitive To Some Odour Or Never Have Such An Issue.

Women During The First Trimester If Do Have Such Symptoms Can Check With The Health Care Provider And Order Abortion Pills To Get The Pregnancy Terminated If They Wish To Discontinue The Gestation.

Food Aversion:Know About Food Aversion

If You’re Expecting, You’re Likely To Have Hate For Certain Food And You Might Love The Food That You Used To Hate. Food Aversion Does Occur In Some Women, But One Needs To Be Careful With Various Things Regarding What To Consume And What Not.

What Triggers Food Aversion In Women?

Usually, Food Cravings Do Occur In Women Due To Hormonal Changes Caused During The Pregnancy.

The Amount Of HCG Triggers A Positive Test And Doubles After A Few Days Of The First Trimester. During The 11th Week, The Increase In Symptoms Such As Food Aversion, Cravings, And Nausea Does Increase. The Increase In Hormones Affects Your Appetite And This Does Result In Morning Sickness Too. Sometimes, This Also Occurs Due To The Food That You Consume. The Food Aversion Symptoms Do Continue With Few Women Till The Delivery.

When Is It Likely To Occur In Women?

During The First Trimester, The Food Aversion Symptoms Do Hit. Also, Women At Any Point Can Experience During Pregnancy.

New Aversions Do Develop Throughout The Pregnancy. As Soon As The Child Delivers, The Food Aversion Does Discontinue.

Which Common Food Aversions Do Occur During Pregnancy?

During Pregnancy, At Any Point In Life, Women Are Likely To Experience Food Cravings. However, Common Food Cravings Trigger Due To Strong Smells. Some Common Cravings Include:

  1. Eggs
  2. Meat
  3. Garlic
  4. Tea And Coffee
  5. Milk
  6. Spicy Food
  7. Onions

Some Women Have Cravings For The Above-Mentioned Food, Whereas Some Do Hate The Smell Of The Above-Mentioned Food.

Coping With Food Cravings:Know About Food Aversion

In Some Cases, Listening To Your Body Is Necessary. It Is Okay To Avoid Certain Food And Satisfy Your Craving But In Moderation. Do Not Overdo It Due To Cravings. Also, The Weight Gain That Occurs In Women During Pregnancy Is Due To Cravings. There Are Certain Cravings That Are Necessary For Your Body And This Also Indicates That Your Body Requires Certain Nutrients. If You Have A Craving For Meat, This Is An Indication That Your Body Requires High-Protein Food, And Including Nuts And Beans Can Work For You. If A Salad Doesn’t Meet Your Taste, Then You Can Include Leafy Greens In A Smoothie.


Food Aversion And Cravings Are Common During Pregnancy And This Is Not A Cause Of Concern. If You’re Unable To Eat Most Food Due Then It Is Likely To Affect The Growth Of The Baby. If This Is Your Concern, Then Seek Medical Help. Sometimes, There Are Also Chances That Women Do End Up Having Carving For Ice And Non-Foods.

Hence, If You Have Been Craving For Some Weird Food, Then Do Seek Advice From A Health Care Provider.

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