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Can Pregnancy Occur After You Have An Abortion?

The Journey Of Pregnancy From Embryo To Fetus

Pregnancy Is Usually A Beautiful Movement That Can Be Experienced By Every Woman. At Every Stage, Women Are Expected To Experience Various Stages, And The Development Does Affect The Health Of Women. Usually, Women While Having An Abortion Or Continuing With The Pregnancy Are Worried Whether Their Pregnancy Is At The Embryo State Or Fetal State. Even While You Have An Abortion Or Order Online Abortion Pill, This Question Can Cross Your Mind, But Most People Do Not Bother Much About It.

Embryo And Fetal Have A Thin Line, But Are Pregnancy Parts. To Know What It Exactly Is, One Needs To Know About The Pregnancy Process Right From The Beginning.


The Journey Of Pregnancy From Embryo To Fetus

The Fertilization Process Begins In The Body Soon After Ovulation. This Is A Critical Point In Reproduction, The Eggs And Sperms Meet Each Other And Mix To Form A Zygote. 23 Male And 23 Female Chromosomes Mix And Form A Zygote That Further Grows In Pregnancy.

Embryo V/S Fetus

Pregnancy Is In Embryo State When The Age Of The Pregnancy Is Under 10 Weeks. After 10 Weeks, The Pregnancy Parts Begin To Grow, And After The 10th Week, It Is Considered A Fetal Stage. The Fetal Stage Is More About Growth And Development, And This Helps To Survive The Pregnancy Parts Outside The World.

First 10 Weeks Of Gestation

On Average, Of Your Cycle, You Cannot Be Pregnant For At Least 2 Weeks. Instead, During This Period, Your Body Prepares To Release The Egg. Make Sure You Note, When Your Last Period Has Started So That You Can Let Your Healthcare Provider Know.

3rd Week: Ovulation

This Is A Week When The Ovulation Begins. The Egg Release In The Fallopian Tube, And If Sperm Is Waiting, The Chances That The Egg Will Get Fertilized And Turn Into Zygote.

4th Week: Implantation

Once The Fertilization Process Takes Place, The Zygote Further Divides And Morphs Into A Blastocyst. The Zygote Continues To Travel To The Uterus And Takes Time Of 3 Days To Reach The Destination And Implants In The Uterine Lining.

After The Implantation Takes Place, The Body Begins To Produce HCG Level And This Can Be Detected By A Home Pregnancy Test.

5th Week: Embryonic Period

After The 4th Week, The Zygote Starts Its Journey To The 5th Stage Which Is The Embryonic Period. The Embryo During This Period Is In Three Layers. The Last Layer Is The Endoderm, And It Is The Place Where The Baby’s Lungs, Bladder, And Intestines Develop. The Middle Layer Is The Mesoderm And Is Responsible For The Baby’s Bones, Kidney, And Other Organs. The Topmost Layer Is Ectoderm And Is Responsible For The Baby’s Skin, Eyes, Connective Tissues, Inner Ears, And Eyes Start To Structure.

6th Week

During This Period Heart Starts To Beat, And Even This Can Be Detected In An Ultrasound Test. The Baby Doesn’t Look Like A Grown One, But The Basic Facial Features Can Be Seen.

7th Week

During This Week, The Baby’s Brain And Head Begin To Develop. The Buds Of Arms And Legs Turn Into Paddles. The Eyes Begin To Form, The Lenses And Many Small Changes Do Take Place.

8th Week

The Eyelid And Ears Begin To Form So That They Become Able To See And Hear You. Even The Nose And Lips Start To Take Shape.

9th Week

The Arms Of The Baby Can Bend At The Elbow, And Toes Begin To Form. The Eyelids And Ears Are More Refined.

10th Week

This Is A Period When The Embryonic Period Ends, And The Fetal Period Starts. This Is The Last Week Of The Baby’s As An Embryo And Continues To Grow In The Fetal Period.

As It Grows Further, It Graduates As A Child One Day And Starts Its Journey As A Human Being.

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